Hackandsecurity9 (Disclaimer)

Unless you know how to hack (ethically), you cannot defend yourself from malicious hack attacks.

All the post in this site is only for educational purpose and does not in anyway encourage hacking. The real purpose of this site as already stated is prevention from hack attempts.

The words “Hack” and “Hacking” should be taken or considered as “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical Hacking”.

.Hack And Security never promotes BlackHat Hacking. If you misuse the content, Hackandsecurity9 is not responsible for your actions or anything as a result of your actions.

Read the cyber laws of india

if you planned to use the content for illegal purpose, please leave this site immediately.



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    Ankush Mohanty: is a Security Researcher and Analyst, with experience in various aspects of Information Security. Other then this he is a Certified Ethical Hacker. His all efforts are to make internet more Secure.

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